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Easier Than WordPress

Forget Plugins & Messy Upgrades. Focus on What Matters.


Step 1: Setup

Choose a default domain URL, enter your site name and description, and your site is instantly available.


Step 2: Create

Create beautiful content pages easily. You never have to mess around with plugins or upgrades.


Step 3: Earn

Our intelligent system helps you get free traffic from Google and converts them to autopilot income.

Start building multiple streams of online income.

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Push-Button Publishing

Everything You Need To Profit From Your Niche.

Single Dashboard for Unlimited Niche Sites

With Nichify, you can go beyond your first website easily. Unlike WordPress, all your sites are controlled from your central dashboard with a single login and password.

You can easily switch between sites to add new pages, manage your email subscribers, and customize your website. Managing a large portfolio of sites is easy and fun!

Fully Customizable Theme With Custom CSS

Easily switch between a 3-column, 2-column or single-column page layout depending on the type of site you want to create. Build a niche minisite, magazine site or salesletter site easily.

You can also customize your menu bar and elements on your home page. With our custom CSS option, advanced users and web designers can transform the default theme into an amazing variety of designs.

Retina-Ready & Mobile-First User Interface Design

Mobile traffic accounts for more than 40% of website traffic, yet most website builders do a lousy job at engaging them efficiently.

We spent a lot of time thinking about how mobile and tablet users would experience your site, engage with it, click on ads, and share your content. As a result of our meticulous testing, Nichify is mobile-first by default.

Integrated List Building & Autoresponder Follow-Up System

Ever heard the experts say that "The money is in the list?". With Nichify, each website you build comes pre-installed with an autoresponder email marketing and list building system!

Create as many follow-up emails as you want to re-engage with your subscribers, promote related products, and keep them coming back to your site.

You don't need to pay a monthly subscription for email marketing tools. We deliver your email with industry-standard email delivery services like Amazon, MailGun and Mandrill, so you can be assured of a high deliverability rates and amazing response from each email you send.

Automatic Affiliate Link Tagging for Major Affiliate Programs

Making money from affiliate products and ads can be lucrative, but managing the different affiliate networks and links can be a nightmare.

With Nichify, we make it easy for you to promote products and offers from Ashadee, ClickBank, Amazon, JVZoo, Envato and much more. Just write your content, and we figure out the best ad formats, content and type for each page.

What would require tons of different plugins on WordPress, is done at the flick of a switch in Nichify!

Google-Friendly Search Engine Optimized Structure

Optimizing your site and content for Google is one of the most important goals for any website, but satisfying Google's fickle ways can be challenging.

With every Google algorithm update, marketers scramble to update their plugins and optimize their sites. With Nichify, we do all the hard work for you based on years of SEO experience.

As a result, building a site with Nichify is much more fun, rewarding and addictive!

Integrated Sharing & Social Optimization

Ever had your post or page shared to FaceBook, only to have it appear with the wrong image and title?

With Nichify, all your pages are automatically optimized for social networks, but you can take it to the next level with simple but powerful social optimization options on each page or post.

Plus, all your pages come full integrated with ll the latest social networks to make it easier than ever to share you pages and drive even more traffic.

Integrated Hosting, Backups and Disaster-Proof Security

When building a site with WordPress or other scripts, you'll need to search for your own web hosting provider and pay for server space that you'll probably never really maximize.

With Nichify, all your sites are hosted in our stable, secure Amazon servers. All your content is backed up regularly so if disaster strikes, your hard work can easily be restored!

Build your first niche website the right way, with the right tools.

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